Samsung vs Apple: 2014 Sales

It isn’t long since iPhone 6/6Plus and the Note 4 came out and there are already statistics regarding their sales. The data doesn’t look promising for the South Koreans as Apple is rumoured to be outselling them by at least 5 times, according to IBK Securities analyst Lee Seung-Woo. He gave this estimate to The Wall Street Jurnal last month, adding that the comparisson focuses on Samsung’s S5 and Note 4 and Apple’s iPhone6/6Plus.
It is expected that the demand for tablets and smartphones will raise in December and, as a results, Samsung will be forced to reduce the price at least on their mid-range devices.
Apple, on the other hand, is expected to sell 80 million terminals before the end of 2014 which makes the 4.5 million Note 4 units sold by Samsung seem like nothing.


But how successful is the larger iPhone? Despite the high demand, the smaller iPhone 6 outsells it. Nevertheless, a new report by CIRP (Consumer Intelligence Research Partners) reveals that consumers are more excited about the iPhone 6 and 6Plus than they were last year about the iPhone 5s and 5c. This demonstrates that a higher screen was a step forward for Apple.

Now, we all know that 10 million iPhones were sold in their first weekend. What is less known is that Samsung sold around 11 million S5 units… in their first month! But wait, there’s more: 40% of all Samsung devices are gathering dust in the warehouses. Forbes went as far as to describe the South Korean giant’s smartphones as “Unsold, Unwanted, Unloved”. With Xiaomi gaining more market share in China at the expense of Samsung, it is perfectly clear that something must be done. Now that companies like HTC, Sony, LG and Motorola have the same SoC, Samsung can no longer be defended by raw performance, benchmark scores and spec sheets. They took too long to replace the plastic with alluminum and this may have costed them a fair amount of customers who chose other designs.

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