iPad Air Plus

Now that Apple upgraded their whole product line this autumn, one would think the Cupertino based corporation will descend into obscurity until next releasing season. One would be utterly wrong in this case as a new iPad is rumoured to launch this spring.

Back in 2010 when Steve Jobs presented the first iPad, he claimed that the “correct” size of a tablet is around 10″. He also added that 7 and 8 inch tablets are too big to act as a phone and too small to be able to replace a computer. Two years later the iPad Mini saw the light of the day.
Now, in 2014, Apple released a larger iPhone and it seems people are leaving their iPad Minis behind in favor of the smaller phones. This probably led Apple to work on a so-called 12.2″ iPad Air Plus. Leaked sizes are the following 305.31 x 220.8 x 7 mm (12 x 8.7 x .28 inches or 2.5 x 2 x .005 bananas). This product is to be, as many believe, a direct competitor against the Microsoft Surface hybrids.

The difference is that the Microsoft tablet is capable of running a fully integrated Windows 8 with all features, games and software created for Windows. It is too early to determine whether the new iPad runs OS X or iOS, however we already have the MacBook Air which has a similar size. Furthermore, the iPad Air is already large enough even for those who use it for work-related purposes. It seems that the Air Pro may have difficulties to excell at anything given the already existing models. Unless, of course Apple will discontinue the MacBook Air and replace it with the rumoured (and hopefully hybrid) iPad Air Plus. I’m saying hopefully because a larger iPad running iOS is redundant, whereas a more portable OS X with touchscreen based input is the next logical for Apple.


Source: Mac Fan


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