Epic Ninja

It’s been a while since my last post, but I decided to come back with a review of a game that I really like.

I played Epic Ninja and I found that it is pretty addictive. It is not really as challenging as older platformers, but it is nice to know that there are still developers building this kind of games for the enthusiasts.

The story is that this ninja was sent in time by some mages into a “prison laboratory complex” and his goal is to escape. There are a total of 90 levels divided in 3 worlds, there are boss battles, teleportation bubbles, lasers and, of course, 8 bit graphics and soundtrack to set the mood.

The interface is rather simple, with 2 buttons on the left side for direction and a jump button on the right. A good thing is that they are customisable. Obviously, a ninja would be nothing without his weapons, and this one shoots shurikens when you tap on the screen. In the beginning there is no such thing as a double jump, however you can jump multiple times between the walls.

I found some glitches that razor blades kill you even though you don’t touch them. In the same level you can shoot a shuriken through a wall to hit a fuel container, but otherwise the game play is smooth.

Overall, Epic Ninja provides a great experience as a casual game. The levels are small and can be completed in a few minutes, which makes the game even better when standing in line or when travelling. In terms of price, the game is free. It has some pop-up ads between the levels, which is fine because they don’t take space on the screen and you can’t tap them by mistake.

PlayStore Link

I couldn’t find it in the App Store.


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