How to control your phone with a PC

Many people drop their phones and sometimes their touchscreen becomes unusable due to the damage. If you are one of those people or you want to learn how to control an Android phone using a Windows PC this article is perfect for you. Furthermore, it is a pretty cool thing to have at presentations or even at home if you use the PC a lot and don’t want to check your phone constantly.

-Android Phone
-WiFi router/ Hotspot
-OTG cable
-USB mouse
(Optional: USB Hub and USB/bluetooth keyboard)

1. Connect a mouse to your Android Phone via the OTG cable
2. Download Teamviewer on your Android Phone from Google Play Store
(this is where you need the mouse to navigate)
3. Download Teamviewer on your PC
4. Make sure both devices are connected to the same WiFi
5. Set up Teamviewer on your PC and Android Device (you will need the mouse again)
6. If Teamviewer is set up correctly you should see a button on your PC that will launch the Android Interface and give you control of the Android device on the PC

This is very similar to screen mirroring, however there is a slight delay depending on the speed of your internet. In addition, you still have control over the PC and can multitask between them.

Protip: after setting up Teamviewer you will no longer need the OTG on your phone. Use the microUSB to charge the phone, go to developers options and check the “stay awake” option so that your device will not go into lockscreen while connected to PC. This will keep the connection stable.